Preventative Treatments

Medications & Treatments

Below are some of the preventative treatments that we use in our rabbitry to protect our bunnies from illnesses that can occur at times. Please note these are just a guide that we have found useful and has suited our bunnies over the years and should not be used in place of a good vet to treat a sick rabbit, we still take our rabbits to the vet when necessary. Always ensure you have a good rabbit specialised vet to call when required, this is not to be used in place of vet treatment. We advise all new bunny owners to protect their pets from diseases they can contract by annual vaccinations at the vet for Myxomatosis & VHD-1 (Novibac), VHD-1 & RHD-2 (Filavac) & RHD-2 (Eravac)s, or all 3 with Novibac Myxo RHD plus.


NamePrevents/cures / Used for Dosage Treatment
Coxoid (Harkers cox soln.)Coccodiosis (parasitic disease of the intestinal tract)  6 ml to 1 ltr (then 3 inches of mixture in water bottle for 7 days) Twice a year. (spring, autum and when damp)
Easicox soln2.5 ml (5 ml if they have it) to 5 ltr, 5 days, stop for 10 days and repeat for 5 more daysWhen required
Noromectin (Ivermectin 1%)Mites & some worms. 0.05 ml per kg put on the skin of the shoulder blades/neck, then repeat 2 weeks later Once a year
Panacur 10% oral suspensionE. cuniculi (parasite causing head tilt / paralysis) 0.2 ml / kg for 9 days orallyOnce a year
Lapizole 20 mg/ml suspension
E. cuniculi (parasite causing head tilt / paralysis) 1 ml / kg for 5 days orally(full 28 day course required for actual symptoms)Once a year
Ultrapen (pen g benzatine)Cure for vents – 0.14 ml / kg by 3 injections, 1 week apart  When required
Depocillin (pen g procaine) Prescription onlyCure for vents – 0.13 ml / kg by daily injection for 7 daysWhen required
Bio-lapis Diarrhoea / GI stasis. 2g in 50 ml waterWhen required
Oxbow Critical Care FoodDiarrhoea / GI stasis – to keep guts movingWhen required
FibreplexDiarrhoea / GI stasis – to keep guts movingWhen required
Metacam (Loxicom) 
Prescription only
Pain relief. 0.3-0.6 mg/kg (The standard range that’s safe) Vets will advise dose depending on illnessWhen required
Aspirin (last resort only, only metacam should be used)Pain relief – 25 mg per 2 kg, dissolve in waterWhen required
SudocremSore / dry skin. On to sore / dry area When required
Golden eye dropsWeepy/runny eyes, just a drop in eyes   When required
Cotton wool pads & baby wipesCleaning eyes, dirty bottoms etcWhen required
Carr’s Entracare Aqua Probiotic which regulates bums & tums 5 ml into 1 litre of water 5 ml into 1 litre of water 3/4 times a week
HomeoPet Anxiety
Homeopathic Remedy
Anxiety. 3 drops in water up to 3 times a day (5 days before something stressful)When required
Iodine spray  Cuts / sores. Spray infected area When required
Wheat germ oilFertility for doe’s. 2-3 drops daily   1 week before mating
Black oil sunflower seedsWellbeing & improves coat condition. 3-4 seedsDaily
Dried goats milkGood for nursing does & babies that need hand feeding When required
1 ml syringes/needlesUsed for administering meds, or hand-rearing kitsWhen required
InfacolRelieves tummy gas / bloat When required
Emeprid Prescription onlyGI stasis – to get guts moving again When required
Baytril  Prescrition onlyTo cure infections – vets to advise dosage dependant on illnessWhen required

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