Our Reserving Process

We normally sex and photograph our bunnies when they are around 4 weeks old. At this age, it’s easier to be certain of what gender they are. We then first send these photos to those who are on our waiting list and then upload them onto our website and social media platforms. Please note that we do our best to sex the bunnies accurately, but on the odd occasion, we do get it wrong. We will notify you asap should we realise we have made an error.

Once a bunny has captured your heart, you can place a deposit to reserve your chosen bunny. Deposits are paid via bank transfer and are non-refundable. We will then move our communication onto Whatsapp if possible to make things easier in sending information, photo and video updates, finalise collection arrangements and be on hand to answer any questions you may have. We will ensure that you are fully confident and have all the information you need to be ready for your new furry family member to join you! At this point, you can start thinking of what you are going to call your new bunny!


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