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    Miniature Lop (AKA Mini Lop) is a breed of domestic rabbit recognised by the British Rabbit Council (BRC). They are a small breed, although not quite a dwarf. Despite this, they can be quite stocky and robust. They have lop ears, as the name suggests and come in a wide range of beautiful colours. As any prey animal, the Mini…

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    Colour Guide

    Agouti The Agouti group includes chestnut, opal, chocolate chestnut, lynx, chinchilla, squirrel, chocolate chinchilla, and lilac chinchilla. These bunnies may resemble “wild rabbits” due to the bands of colour and dark ticking on their fur.  The fur has rings of colour when blown into. They have white around their eyes, nose, mouth, bellies, inside ears, and under the tail.  *Broken variations are included…

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