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    Digging Digging is a very natural behaviour for bunnies as in the wild they dig warrens. These warren systems house populations of wild bunnies; where they will raise young and hide from predators. Here are some ways to encourage your bunnies to express these behaviours in a safe, natural way. Digging Box – First, you will need a large plastic storage…

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    WHAT DO I NEED? Below I have created Amazon lists with recommended products for your bunnies. I have covered a range of items from litter trays to toys to plush beds! This is only to give you an idea, so feel free to shop around. LITTER TRAYS – CLICK HERE TO SHOP LITTER TRAYS When choosing a litter tray for your…

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    Bunny Behaviour

    Getting to know your bunny and what they do/don’t like can really help build bonds with them and can be an indication of how much they trust you. Binkying: This is a sign of happiness and excitement. This action is known as a ‘Binky’ and is presented when a bunny will run, jump and twist mid-air. Your bunny is very…

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