🐰 We do not sell bunnies to anyone under the age of 18 unless accompanied by a responsible adult.


🐰 Your chosen bunny is only reserved once your deposit has been paid. We do not “hold” bunnies. Deposits are non-refundable and cannot be swapped between rabbits. (Unless a baby is unsuitable or becomes unwell in our care).

🐰 Bunnies can only leave once they are 8 weeks old. Once a deposit has been paid, we will agree to a date and time for when you can collect your bunny.

🐰 We operate on a first come first served basis provided a deposit has been paid. However, we do allow for a waiting list if you are looking for a particular colour or want a bunny at a later date.


🐰 Babies can be reserved from around 4-5 weeks as this is when we can sex them. Please note that sexing isn’t always 100% accurate, however, we will continue to check the sex of the bunny and will inform you asap if there was an error.


🐰 When collecting your bunny, please use a pet carrier that has a blanket or towel on the bottom. This is to help keep the bunny calm on the journey home. If your carrier facilitates this, add a small water bottle (for long journeys) and some hay to eat.

🐰 Please arrive promptly on your agreed time to collect your bunny or advise of any delay or change in circumstances as soon as possible.

🐰 Bunnies must be collected within 48 hours of the date we have agreed, if I do not hear from you in that time I will have to assume you longer want him/her and they will be re-homed and your will forfeit your deposit.

🐰 We will do a health and well-being check with you to ensure your bunny is fit and healthy before leaving. In the unlikely event should anything health-wise happen to your bunny within the first 5 days we will gladly take the bunny back for a full refund. You would however need to return the bunny yourself with a vet report stating what the health issue is. The only instance where this is void is if your bunny contracts VHD or MYXOMATOSIS as vaccinations should be done at your earliest opportunity.

🐰 We can hold your bunny for you if you cannot collect at 8 weeks, but only if your bunny has been paid for in full by 8 weeks. If this is longer than a week, an additional £25 a week will be charged for food and upkeep.


🐰 Vaccinations are the responsibility of the new owner, and should ideally be done as soon as possible.


🐰 Our rabbitry is a closed stud. We do not allow ‘viewings’ as this is to protect our baby bunnies from VHD and MYXOMATOSIS. We do offer to send photos and videos every other weekend or at the very latest the Monday evening. We also post regularly to our social platforms to keep new owners updated.


🐰 We reserve the right to not sell to someone we feel uncomfortable with or believe that our bunnies will not be properly taken care of.

🐰 Please inform us if you are looking for a bunny to use for breeding purposes. Not all of our bunnies are suitable for breeding.


🐰 Please do all your own research. Bunnies are a 10+ year commitment that needs love, care, and attention. Make sure you are prepared for that.


🐰 If for any reason you are unable to look after a rabbit you have bought from us, no questions asked, PLEASE inform us and we will GLADLY take it back and try to find a suitable new home to go to. No money will be offered in return.

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